Uadreams is a scam dating site or trustworthy company?

UaDreams Review and Our Experience

Competitors publish fake reviews to highlight how they as though scam people, but there is no proof of it. We know that all women’s profiles belong to real individuals. Contact our team if you have any specific questions about Uadreams or any other dating site.
While most scam victims of different dating sites are too embarrassed to share details about how they wasted so much money, competitors of UADreams commissions hundreds of fake negative reviews to make terrible reputation.

uadreams scam

UaDreams Clients


According to, the most popular members on the site are from USA and United Kingdom

What Trip Services does UaDreams offer?

  • Different Trip Packages
  • Personal Trip Manager
  • Picking up and returning to the railway or bus station
  • Translation Service
  • Free UaDreams Anti-Scam Program
  • Guide Service
  • Accommodation Services
  • Meeting with the ladies

Trip With UaDreams vs On Your Own

With UaDreams

On Your Own

You will have personal trip manager who will help you to plan everything

You will have to make all plans on your own and take risks

UaDreams Anti Scam Program

You take a risk to be cheated by scammers

They will supply you a cell phone with a Ukrainian sim card absolutely for free

You may spend a lot of money, because of expensive roaming on your phone

You will have personal interpreter

Language barrier with Ukrainian people

They book and pay for your accommodation before your arrival

You can be scammed, if you book accommodations through a third-party providers

Your trip will be safe and comfortable even during the war

No guarantees that your travel experience will be safe and comfortable

8 Travel tips from UaDreams

  • Go to a shelter if you hear a missile alert
  • Do not walk outside late at night
  • Do not drink with unknown people
  • Use a taxi only with one person (driver)
  • Learn some basic phrases in Ukrainian language
  • Photocopy all of your documents
  • Carry your wallet separately from personal documents
  • Take your special medications with yourself

UaDreams Scam or Legit?

Our Verdict: Uadreams is not a scam, because:

  • All ladies are real on their site, screened by their staff
  • Positive uadreams testimonials on different sites like Sitejabber and TrustPilot
  • Video Chat as tool to speak face to face with girls and be sure that profile is not a fake.
  • Many love and wedding stories with happy endings

3 UaDreams Tips How To Find A Partner

1. Create a Genuine Profile:
– Use recent and clear photos of yourself.
– Write an authentic and engaging bio that reflects your personality, interests, and what you’re looking for in a partner.
– Be honest about your intentions and expectations to attract like-minded individuals.

2. Be Proactive and Open-Minded:
– Take the initiative to message girls you find interesting.
– Be open-minded about different backgrounds, interests, and personalities.
– Don’t be discouraged by initial rejections; keep exploring new connections.

3. Engage in Meaningful Conversations:
– Move beyond generic greetings; ask open-ended questions related to their profile.
– Listen actively and respond thoughtfully to create a deeper connection.
– Share your own stories and experiences to foster a sense of mutual understanding.

UaDreams FAQ

Why should I consider uadreams for a trip to Ukraine?

This matchmaking sites can provide a unique opportunity to connect with Ukrainian girls interested in forming meaningful relationships. They often facilitate introductions and cultural exchanges, making your trip more enriching.

How does this site work for international trips?

They typically allow you to create a profile and specify your preferences. Once you express interest in visiting Ukraine, this site may connect you with potential matches, and you can plan your trip accordingly.

How can I contact their Support Team?

You can contact with them through contact form on their website.

Read The Best 30 UaDreams Reviews About Their Trips


6 June 2023

UaDreams Scam or Not? / David / United Kingdom

Very helpful and made easy as possible. Thanks for a lovely meeting. It is not a scam.


4 June 2023

UaDreams Review from Cherkasy / Otto / Hungary

I came to Cherkasy with the definite purpose of meeting the other half of my heart in person. The location of the city is good, with great opportunities. There are many possibilities for recreation in the city, eg. beaches, parks. Since we discussed with the other half of my heart that it takes time to put the building blocks of our life together. I will be back soon. Until then I also closed the city in my heart.


3 June 2023

UaDreams Testimonial from Lviv / Ray / Canada

My visit to Lviv has been a beautiful adventure. Being a person of color, I didn’t expect this level of hospitality. The people of Lviv are very friendly and welcoming. I was able to visit many beautiful resorts and fancy restaurants. The translation by Iryna was great and the ladies I was introduced to exceeded my expectations, both in terms of beauty and character. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I plan to visit again in 2 months’ time. Thank you for the excellent service. 

uadreams review ray

28 April 2023

UaDreams Testimonial / Joko / Netherlands

The reception of the office was very welcoming. After meeting my lady we went for a great lunch dinner. The office arranged all very nicely. Also the translation service was very helpful. After lunch we went for a nice walk. All in all I am very happy to have been helped so nicely in meeting the lady for the first time in person. It is a great step that I call a success as well. Thank you all. Dyakuyu!

uadreams review joko

28 April 2023

UaDreams Testimonial / Uriel / Mexico

Keep doing everything great The service was great. Julia is a great person who made us feel comfortable and the meeting was confident and the flow of the day was perfect. Thanks for all your help and keep doing everything great. Specially thanks to Julia for being kind and easygoing, she is the best. 


2 March 2023

Is UaDreams Scam or Trust Dating Site? / Cory / Usa

They have created very useful system where it’s possible to learn many details and character traits of any woman of interest. This helps in the search process so you have a sense of what kind of lady she is before contact. They seem to have an endless supply of beautiful women making it easier to take your time to find the right one for your personality.


21 February 2023

Roland / Austria

I am very satisfied with the service, the translations and also with the support and assistance at the first meeting with My Lady. I helped us both a lot to facilitate the first contact and to exchange without barriers.

I can wholeheartedly recommend their service. As for My Lady herself, I can only say that she is my lifelong dream and I hope that we will grow together step by step into a good and stable relationship.

The first good steps in this direction we have both taken with pleasure.

Thank you the whole team.


24 January 2023

Gregory / United States

Wonderful city! I felt safe ever during trip..My Lady was/is amazing…I am very pleased with Iryna our interpreter.


4 December 2022

Roger / United States

We bring to your attention Roger’s review. Roger is from the United States. He visited our branch in Lviv in December 2022. Roger was satisfied with the trip, had a good time with his girlfriend, had the opportunity to walk around the old Lviv. Roger noted the excellent work of the translator, her perfect command of the English language.

3 October 2022

Todd / United States

Todd came to Ukraine from the USA. This is his review of a trip to a girl he met on on their site. Todd had a great time. He said he’d do it again . He hopes his lady has the same positive feelings about the meeting as he has.

28 september 2022

Nick / Netherlands

I had A Great Time meeting my Lady. Nazar is the best translator. I would recommend him to everyone. Kind regards. .

uadreams review nick
28 September 2022

Tinus / Denmark

I found the agency very helpful in facilatating the meeting with my Lady outside of Ukraine. I never thought it would be possible. And they were helpful with al sort of things. I hope to meet here again. If she want. And she is open for that .

21 September 2022

Don / United States Minor Outlying Islands

Diana was perfect, an absolute delight to be with and work with. She made the visit flow smoothly=) Don

uadreams review don
7 September 2022

Bastien / France

Hello dear Dnipro support team! Thank you for your efficient support in order to plan my meeting abroad. The lady I wished to meet is a refugee in the United Kingdom. Despite the absence of her interpreter ( the lady speaks English enough well ), the meeting was very well organized in a small town, in the Northern England. I hope your sweet customers will be able to come back to Ukraine, to your brave country, liberated from Russian soviet occupation. I pray for Ukraine.

3 September 2022

Chris / US

It was a lovely evening. Oksana provided great translation services. We are a little shy to meet each other, but very excited!

13 August 2022

Andy / United Kingdom

I had a perfect day today. Translator was superb! Lady I met was very beautiful, kind and communicative.

uadreams review andy
1 August 2022

Charles / United States

I fully support UaDreams dating servises. My experience with UaDreams professional. My translator Victoria was very good and madeour dates very comfortable. I would highly recommened UaDreams dating servises. I did have a very positive experience and this could be a lasting relationship.

uadreams review charles
19 February 2022

Peter / Germany

I am very good surprised about my lady and the very perfect female translator. We have spent good time together. I am very pleased about the UaDreams service. The main agency and the agency here in Cherkassy was good informed about my schedules and my plans. They have managed all perfectly. Thank you very much.

uadreams review dale
16 February 2022

Dale / USA

Nastya in the Kharkov branch was fantastic! She was very polite, helpful, professional and very easily understandable! I will definitely use Nastya again when I return to see my lady again next month!

7 February 2022

Marco / Malta

Very nice reception, and friendly staff. Sorry for my late arrival. Thank you for waiting. Very nice people. The branch is very good and is centrally located. You are met with a smile. The branch is close to Mcdonald’s. There is a hotel Reikartz located close by. Julia is very nice and friendly and makes her best so that you feel comfortable.

2 February 2022

Elvin / Denmark

My lady was a good impression for to experience. Very sweet, polite, observing, listening, and seen mature by her age. yes I would like to see her again. I am thankful I have to experience this for real, because I have had trust issues with the agency.

uadreams review elvin
24 January 2022

Steve / Australia

Very happy with Ira interpreter. Very helpful and professional. My lady was very beautiful and sweet. I will recommend this service to other single men.

10 January 2022

Daryl / USA

Natalia is extremely charming and helpful. This is a lovely service you offer and all of the assistance is greatly appreciated. My lady is a very lovely lady also, all in it is a very pleasant experience.

uadreams review daryl
28 December 2021

Tim / Germany

It was a very good meeting. My lady is a very nice woman and I like her too. The translation was good and I understood everything. I am very satisfied with the meeting and thank you for the friendly conversation. I would like to meet my lady again.

26 December 2021

Jean Paul / France

Very good! Thanks for your attention and your professionalism! 10/10.

20 December 2021

Nicolas / Chile

I have a very good time. Girl was exactly what I expected. Nazar is a very nice guy, very polite and gentle, he always was concern about the meeting, and worry about everything, kind and respectful. I have had a good time, we enjoy a coffee with my lady and had a good time also. Thanks so much.

uadreams reviews nicolas
19 December 2021

Pete / United Kingdom

I am very happy with the service from all the stuff of the agency. The translator Luda was very friendly and gave and excellent service. I hope to be back with my lady in the summer. P.S. Luda bought flowers, but I decided to use the flowers that I bought.

uadreams review pete
19 December 2021

Rino / Italy

It was all perfect. The translator was friendly. I like he was very friendly with us. He didn’t think only about profession. His first target was make us feel comfortable, to make our first meeting memorable and atmospheric. Me and my lady want to say gracias. We hope that this is the start of a great story.

4 December 2021

Adne / Norway

The overall imagination was excellent, both the service of the branch office and the information prior to the arrival. Big thanks to our wonderful and charming translator Kate. Thank you! Best regards.

uadreams reviews adne
29 November 2021

James / USA

Myself and my lady finally met after talking for a few months. We met at the Kharkiv branch, the meeting was wonderful. Afterwards we went out to lunch at a really nice restaurant. Julia provided excellent translation services. Thank you for the meeting arrangement.

uadreams reviews james
27 November 2021

Henri / France

Elena was here for translate between my lady and myself. As for the last time, Elena was really great, because she is not only an intetrpreter but also a mediator between the lady and myself, making the meeting easier and more simple. She’s always positive and smiling and she translates very well. I am happy that she was here for my lady and me.

29 November 2021

John / USA

Kharkiv is very beautiful city, travel about was mostly easy. Meeting with lady was wonderful but a bit late. Only because taxi had issues find office. My translator was wonderful, most helpful with all this at finding other thing for me to do while my lady was at her work. Please keep Alena as translator she is most excellent.

20 November 2021

Vu / USA

Very nice interpreter Tanya. Excellent services and the agency was very supportive and willing to help out with any issues that arose (no problem with me through). Nothing wrong here, come to Ukraine and meet the ladies!

30 November 2021

Jason / USA

This was my first trip to Ivano-Frankivsk and the agency was a lot of help. Ira my translator was a lot of help with procuring a pcr test for my return trip to the States. She was also happy to assist whenever I needed help and her help was greatly appreciated. My lady and I had a great time even though she was busy working. She was exactly the same in person as via video chats. I am looking forward and I am excited to come back in the future.

uadreams review jason

UaDreams Is Not A Scam: Read TOP 10 UaDreams Reviews

I adore taking advantage of discounts and sales on UaDreams

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I adore taking advantage of discounts and sales on UaDreams, seizing the opportunity to enhance my communication with Ira from Rivne. Recently, I purchased more SMS services during the ongoing discounts, enabling me to stay closely connected with my beloved. The availability of the SMS service on UaDreams adds a delightful touch to our interaction, as I thoroughly enjoy the swift exchange of messages directly to my phone. It’s these small yet significant features that make my experience with UaDreams even more enjoyable.


Not bad site

Rated 3.0 out of 5

Exploring UaDreams was a breath of fresh air! Its user-friendly design and the vibrant community made my search for a partner both fun and fruitful!


UaDreams stands out with its wide range of services

Rated 5.0 out of 5

UaDreams stands out with its wide range of services, consistently impressing me with their quality. One of the key aspects that enhance my experience on the platform is the reliable technical support. Whenever I encounter any technical issues, the technical support team is always there to assist promptly and efficiently. Additionally, for inquiries about the platform’s services, the support center is exceptionally responsive, ensuring that all my questions are answered swiftly.


I trust UaDreams!

Rated 4.0 out of 5

Your commitment to supporting your member ladies by providing essentials like food and personal necessities is highly commendable. It’s inspiring to see how you’ve adapted to the current circumstances, creating innovative ways for us to interact and connect.


My trip to Lviv

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Hey, just wanted to drop a line about my trip to Lviv with UaDreams. It was pretty awesome, honestly. Marina, the interpreter, was on fire – she translated everything so fast, it was like she read my mind! Lena, the trip manager, was super cool too, had everything sorted like a boss. Met this great girl who’s still polishing up her English, but no sweat, Marina had us chatting away like old friends. She was more than just a translator; felt like a part of the crew, you know? All in all, a chill experience with some really great folks. Cheers to the team!


I liked my staying in Ivano-Frankivsk!

Rated 4.0 out of 5

Hey, big thanks for hooking me up with the golden ticket to Ivano-Frankivsk! Spent a solid two weeks here, and let me tell you, it’s been a blast with the girl who’s got me head over heels – serious heart palpitations, my friend. Considering another go-round when I’ve got more vacation days stockpiled. Ivano-Frankivsk, you sly dog, you’re one heck of a city, and I’m loving every minute of it! Thanks a bunch for making this trip a comedy-drama with a touch of romance!


I met a wonderful lady!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Embarking on the UaDreams journey has been nothing short of a captivating adventure. Initially drawn by the prospect of finding a genuine connection, I navigated through profiles until I stumbled upon a wonderful lady from Kiev. Our virtual interactions unfolded like a serendipitous tale, revealing shared interests, dreams, and an undeniable chemistry.

As our bond deepened, the anticipation of meeting in person became palpable. UaDreams played a pivotal role, providing a platform where our connection could flourish despite the physical distance. The decision to meet soon in Poland feels like the natural next step, a culmination of a genuine connection nurtured through UaDreams.

This experience has not just been about finding a lady; it’s been about discovering a meaningful connection that transcends borders. UaDreams has become the catalyst for a story that promises to unfold in the enchanting setting of Poland, where our online connection will blossom into a tangible reality. Grateful for the journey, excited for the future, and eager to see where this UaDreams adventure leads.


UaDreams delivers quality at every turn!

Rated 4.0 out of 5

UaDreams may come with a price tag, but let me tell you, it’s a case of getting what you pay for – and more. While the prices might be on the higher side, the quality is through the roof. Every penny spent reflects in the top-notch services, genuine profiles, and the overall premium experience. From real video chats to impeccable customer support, UaDreams delivers quality at every turn. Sure, it’s an investment, but the return is an online dating journey that’s not just smooth but also worth every cent. Quality over quantity, and UaDreams gets it right!


I really enjoy talking to the ladies in video chat!

Rated 4.0 out of 5

I really enjoy talking to the ladies in video chat! It’s interesting how Olga from Kiev shed light on something I hadn’t considered before. The abundance of beautiful single women on UaDreams made me wonder, but she explained that in Ukraine, many men are hesitant to marry women with children due to the added expenses. This led her to seek a foreign connection through the agency. On the flip side, I’m in search of a woman with a child since my own kids are grown. Hoping for a successful relationship with Olga, and I must say, UaDreams’ service, with its authentic video chats and a stellar Support Center, has truly impressed me.


I like their video chat room

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I like their video chat room and girls:) The video quality on this platform have improved significantly over time. High-definition video bridging the gap between physical and virtual interactions. This enhancement is crucial for those seeking meaningful connections and find love. I have to say I met a very very special, the most interesting and lovely girl from Kyiv. God Bless you!


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