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UaDreams Wedding in Sumy

UaDreams Wedding in Sumy: Alyona and Charlie. UaDreams Scam? No! Happy bride's story

I’m 28 years old and go by Alyona. Charlie, my 51-year-old spouse, is his name. We were wed in January, and now we reside in Sandbach, a little settlement near Manchester in the United Kingdom. I’ll now tell you our tale.

I met my hubby on this website. He initially went to Sumy for another woman, but their romance failed. The girl who served as his agency’s interpreter recognized the seriousness of my aims and suggested that I write a letter to the man since he appeared to share them. I decided to start by writing him a letter after looking through his profile and pictures. From the outset, Charlie and I had a tendency to be close friends.

He visited Sumy for a week after daily correspondence for two months. We had a great time together, and I introduced him to my family and friends. 

I then applied for a bride visa to travel to the United Kingdom. My sweetheart returned to Sumy at the end of September to pick me up and transport me to the UK. My new acquaintances, whose husbands are also Englishmen, helped me adjust to the new nation as soon as I arrived there. 

I’m currently enrolled in college, where I study English, and I’ll shortly be taking tests. We’ve been waiting two years for my new visa. Following that, I’ll travel to Sumy to apply for a new passport with my husband’s last name. 

I’m excited about everything right now and I’m planning to write an article for a Ukrainian newspaper on living here. 

What else might I say? I am content and loved. I share a comfortable home with the man I love in a nation with a wealth of opportunity. 

I want every man on this site to discover the woman of their dreams and spend the rest of their lives with her in peace, love, and understanding. 

I advise you to keep an eye on the “UADREAMS” marriage agency’s Sumy branch.

UaDreams Wedding in Kyiv

UaDreams Wedding in Kyiv Matthew and Julie: Our UaDreams Review. Story of a calm happiness

Julie and Matthew’s relationship is full of unbelievable emotional warmth and calmness. They are people who created harmony between them very quickly and enlightened the surrounding world with their inner happiness.

After several months of writing letters and chatting Matthew came to Ukraine twice. He had vacations and the best vacation was when Julie was by him. An unfamiliar country Ukraine welcomed Matthew with open arms.

He felt here so good, but not least because Julie made his experience smooth. They visited a football match and a concert together. It was great that they found mutual hobbies.

Julie invited Matthew to see her father, so they hit the road and came to Dnipro region from Kyiv. Julie’s father is a forester and has a very beautiful summer house, just for meetings of the happiest people surrounded by calm nature. The whole Julie’s family gathered to meet Matthew, and he got on swimmingly with them. Julie was happy, it was important for her to see a good contact between Matthew and her relatives.

In some time Matthew proposed Julie, and nobody has seen such a beautiful wedding yet. After the wedding, Julie followed Matthew to Oregon, USA. They have been living there since then, have got a cat and a nice house. Julie is friends with Matthew’s family. She is glad that his relatives accepted her as heartily as her family once accepted her future husband. 

UaDreams Wedding in Kharkiv

UaDreams Wedding in Kharkiv Marco and Anna: We felt as we were already good friends

One more wonderful couple matched on our site. We celebrate their happiness, and we again wonder about things which attract two people so much that they decide to join their lives. Do they need to have similar aims, dreams and personal traits? Or maybe being different is the key to success because opposites attract? Anna agreed to share with us her story, so there is a chance to get an answer to this eternal question!

«Thanks to UaDreams site that we got a chance to meet our destiny here! Family is the biggest happiness that exists, and I’m incredibly glad that we both have finally found it.

I want to wish to everyone who is looking for their second half, to find it very soon! Always listen to your heart and it will lead you to the dream.

On the first meeting, we understood that we had a lot in common not only in the world outlook but also in habits. We had a feeling as we were already good old friends, and of course, it was obvious from the very beginning what was waiting for us. On the next meeting, Marco arrived with his mother. I had a chance to meet her and we spent an unforgettable time together.

I started to learn Italian right away, and in a few months I already went to Italy to spend a vacation with Marco and his family. It was the time when he proposed to me. Recently, my son Misha called him ’dad’ for the first time!

UaDreams Wedding in Cherkasy

UaDreams Wedding Adelina and Glen: Life after 50 is just beginning!

A wonderful couple – Adelina and Glen – got married in Cherkasy. They started talking back in 2020 on UaDreams. The couple talked a lot in video chats, they felt that their meeting was not accidental.
Somehow in September 2020, they stopped communicating, or rather, Glen did not write for a long time. Adelina even wanted to leave the site because she was disappointed, but one day she received a letter from her lover with an apology. He was in Ukraine at that time because he had a business trip. The woman accepted the apology and agreed to a first date in real life.
The first meeting of the couple took place on November 10 in Cherkasy. At this meeting, Glen proposed to Adeline and she accepted it. Glen called Adeline the queen, and he was the most important person in the world for her. Fortunately, the couple had time to prepare everything for the bride’s visa before the start of the war in Ukraine.
The lovers met in Canada, where Adelina went, fleeing the war. They got married in August 2022. Both Adelina and Glen say that a real happy life for them began in their 50s, when they met and got married.

Video of UaDreams Wedding: Adelina and Glen

UaDreams Wedding in Kremenchug

UaDreams Wedding Victoria and Dexter: Love from the first sight!

The Kremenchug branch congratulates Victoria and Dexter on their wedding! The couple met in the spring of 2022 and it was true love! Vika was very glad that she came across Dexter’s profile when she was browsing through the men’s gallery on Uadreams and was the first to write him a letter. They started talking and at that time the woman had to flee from the war. Her mother lives in Italy and Vika went there with her children because it was dangerous to stay in her hometown. For Vika, it was very important that Dexter was genuinely interested in the life of her children, what they liked, how they were doing at school, etc. But in the summer, the couple had a break in communication. Vika was busy and Dexter wanted to think about their future and if there really was something more between them than just internet dating. Dexter also decided to help the Ukrainian army. The couple still decided to meet in real life in Ukraine. Vika was just about to return from Italy and they didn’t want to delay this moment any longer, regardless of the war. Vika and Dexter communicated a lot on Uadreams site in letters and chats, so their meeting was very natural and the couple decided to get married. It happened in January 2023. Thus, during the war, love was born and this period made lovers the happiest people in the whole world!

UaDreams Wedding in Poltava

UaDreams Wedding Andre and Tatiana: New experience of online dating

In the Poltava branch, a wonderful couple, Andre and Tatiana, met and later got married. Andre’s story is inspiring! He says that after two failed marriages it was difficult to establish a relationship. The man even thought that he should not marry again. But when he met Tatiana, he realized that he had fallen in love. The man came to Poltava for the first meeting with the lady and admitted that it was not very usual to communicate through the agency, but he is glad that he tried anyway. Andre was a bit nervous, but he was happy to finally meet his beloved in real life. The language barrier did not bother them. Tatiana learned a little German, and Andre tried to learn a little Ukrainian, especially words of love. Andre says that he will never forget the first meeting with Tatiana. It was so exciting to meet a woman he had only chatted with online.

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